How To Connect Your Big-Picture Vision To Your Day-To-Day Business Plan

Your business ownership dream and vision — likely the whole reason you’re pouring your blood sweat and tears into your this endeavor — is really important.  But it is also really hard to connect the day-to-day dots on how to get from where you sit right now to living that dream.  Here three questions to help you map out that vision in a meaningful way.

This question has nothing to do with your business and everything to do with you. You are embarking on one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys of your life, so what is the real reason you’re doing it?  

Is it because you’re tired of others profiting off your talents?  Is it because you are a mother or father looking for the flexibility to be the parent you want to be for your children?  Is it simply because, if you don’t try now, you’ll always wonder what would have happened if you didn’t?  Whatever your why is, make sure you have one, and make sure it is one that will push you out of bed each day (even when things are tough) and make you say, “Oh yeah, that’s why I’m doing this.”

Now that you remember why this is all worth it, let’s get back to your business concept.  This is one of the most fun questions to answer: What is your DREAM vision for this business?  Because if we don’t dream fully, we might be limiting ourselves right out of the gate.  

Maybe your dream is to have a business that is mobile enough to allow you to travel the world while you work. Maybe you want your business to franchise and spread all over the United States. Or maybe you want your business to have a social mission behind it, like giving a portion of each sale to your favorite charity. Whatever that dream is, capture it, and let yourself believe in that dream.


Chances are you won’t reach your pie-in-the-sky vision in one year.  So let’s say you’ve decided your dream business is your own yoga community center that offers free classes for at-risk youth.  Awesome!  But we likely can’t jump in and do that all at once, so how do we prioritize to make sure we get to that vision?  

What I can tell you right now is, if your business isn’t profitable, the dream doesn’t matter.  Ouch.  But embrace that now and know that revenue is your best friend.  That might mean not going full on community center/dream vision just yet, but rather working out of other studios to save on rent until you have enough money and client following to move into your own place.  By prioritizing which step needs to come first, we can make sure we build the staircase to your dream business.  

Now that we have an idea of where we need to be one year from now, we can start putting numbers to our plan and getting tactical about how we build our dream business — something we’ll delve into much more in future posts.  By working backwards and prioritizing your dreams and your steps, you can start every day with the purpose of knowing you’re one day closer to owning your vision.